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Sep 15, 2016    Vipul Mittal, CPA
I had recently changed my job. It was a small job in a big company but I was still pretty excited. The next couple of months in the company were the most important time of my life when I came to know about CPA and how it could open the door to a world of opportunities. Not only did I see how my colleague climbed up the corporate ladder after getting his CPA but also how a CPA is a knowledge powerhouse. I would say that this profession offers great prospects and numerous possibilities and this three letter amazing word unarguably positions you strongly on career path that is more rewarding, promising and fulfilling.

Today CPAs are CEOs, CFOs, top auditors, tax experts, forensic accountants, financial planners, business developers, consultants, technology managers and this list is not exhaustive and CPAs have much more to choose from. It is a pronounced view that money is a big motivator and pay package still is one of the most important factors while making career decisions. If this is not erroneous, then you can surely relax. As a CPA you certainly enjoy good salary and bonuses and your job is much more satisfying when you are paid handsomely for doing what you want to do. On top of this, CPAs enjoy job stability, financial security and continued growth opportunities and believe me there is much more stored in for CPAs. Also don't forget that by getting the CPA credentials, you are becoming a part of one of the most prestigious professions.

I have often been asked and I am always pleased to answer this question, Is it worth getting these three letters in front of your name? My usual and prompt reply most of the times is that - it is always worth leading a better life.

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