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Focused on Creating Value

"We are focused on creating value and providing highest quality and exam oriented CPA training to our students with proprietary content for reliable and up-to-date information, innovative teaching methodology for a delightful experience, and end-to-end support till you reach the doorstep of success."


Designed for today’s students, the textbooks have an innovative and high-impact writing style that explain all the topics and concepts clearly and concisely. The author has used a variety of pedagogical tools to ensure that the learning is smooth and effective. The author has used direct sentences and step-by-step calculations in order to provide an easy-to-follow structure to the students, without compromising content or rigor.


The book uses large font sizes and reader friendly color schemes for better grasp and retention. In our textbooks, mnemonics are clearly identified for easy reference. Illustrative journal entries and formula are presented in a different color for quick revision and easy reference.

Complete and Current

The content in the textbooks is self-contained and sufficient to address effectively the learning targets of the curriculum. The content is not only current but also relevant and accurate. The core elements of the subject curriculum are included. We have made every effort to ensure that no superfluous information is covered.

Example and Illustrations

There are adequate examples and illustrations that are not only interesting but also relevant to students’ experience.

Difficulty Level

The level of difficulty of the content is consistent with the examination requirements. An appropriate balance is maintained between depth and breadth in the treatment of the subject content.

Appropriate Structure

An appropriate structure of the content is provided to students to ensure quick and smooth learning. The content sequence is not only appropriate and but also logical.


The content explains concepts using mnemonics that not only facilitate easy recall but also make sense.

Video Lectures


Our video lectures offer subtitles. The use of subtitles on videos makes the content easily digestible and improves your engagement level. Therefore, even if you are not very comfortable with the language it is taught in (that is, English), you can still make the most out of the video lectures.


Our videos use animations. Animations are a wonderful way to facilitate understanding and can deliver content with a greater efficiency. Various difficult concepts and examples have been explained with short animations.

Supplementary Materials

We provide supplementary material in the form of worksheets. The review program includes supplementary material that ties directly to the textbook content. The supplementary material helps identify important concepts and provides students with a quick review of the key issues. Please note flash cards, printed question bank and audio files are not a part of supplementary materials and are not a part of our course package for classic, solitaire and sublime. Please refer CPA course page for details on inclusions.

Visa Guidance

Once you are ready for your CPA exam, you will work closely with the CPA training team and experts who have thorough knowledge about the procedures to be followed and documents required for obtaining visa. We even guide you for mock interviews.

Online Question Bank

We provide a large number of multiple-choice questions that our students may practice. Our question bank includes questions released by AICPA.

Online Student Support

We provide support to our students on any issue pertaining to the content. Our CPA training team include senior educators from academia and the industry.

Placement Assistance

We not only help our CPA aspirants in clearing the exams, but also provide full guidance in choosing the right career. Once you pass all the 4 exams successfully, we will assist you for placement in major accounting firms. Our team of marketing and technical experts have good contacts with some renowned companies, which can help you with a strong foothold in the required sector.

Personalized CPA Training

In order to make sure you pass the CPA Exam, we arrange personalized CPA training classes for all our students. These personalized classes facilitate the academic success of our students by first determining the learning needs of individual students, and then providing guidance that are customized for each student. As part of the CPA training, students are paired with fellow students, mentors and CPAs who meet regularly with students over the course of several months and discuss intricate and puzzling issues.

Award Program

The Crosswalk Academic Achievement Award provides a cash benefit to students who pass all the 4 sections of the CPA exam in first attempt and within one year from the date of enrollment to the Crosswalk CPA Review. The purpose of the award is to motivate students to pass the CPA Exam without incurring unnecessary time and cost.

Licensing Assistance

After passing the CPA Examination, the candidate may apply for a license to practice public accounting. We ensure that adequate guidance and help is provided to the students to get the CPA license and attain the most reputed CPA designation.

Online CPA Training

We provide online access of video lectures to our students. So, you always have the option to attend CPA training classes regardless of your work schedule. You only need a computer and internet to access the video lectures.

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