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Sep 15, 2016    Vipul Mittal, CPA
The day was dark and cloudy and I had barely reached the class for my lecture. As expected the strength was less than usual but was not very disappointing. Before I began the day's session, I overheard a chat between two students. It was interesting and motivating enough to think deep and put my thoughts here.

....have been preparing for CPA exams for very long, don 't know when this will end. I really want to stop here and appear for exams. I have not been getting much time lately because of other commitments but I have read CPA review books three to four times and think this should be enough. I have done all MCQs and I am pretty okay. I think I can take a go , said one of the students with a mild somberness.

It is not unusual for students to experience gloominess while preparing for CPA exams. At first students are very excited, they enroll in CPA review program (at times more than one), join study group, take exam tutorials and sample tests, etc. It appears that they are probably doing everything needed to bury their chances of failure. But the only mistake they are doing is rushing to appear for and pass the CPA exam when it is not advisable. Perhaps, they are allowing remote chances of failure to barge in and become big. It might appear at first that insufficient preparation is pulling them down, but the real problem is not half-preparation but half-hearted preparation.

People start with lot of energy but don't maintain this for long. No doubt, reading the books many a times and doing the MCQs over and over again is wearisome and in such a situation it is quite normal for boredom to creep in and make task more difficult. So the question that is pivotal here is - are you doing enough to motivate yourselves? CPA exams are all about mental endurance and one needs to stay focused for very long. It is your inner strength and ability to work against odds that separates success from failure. Take out whatever time possible for preparation, plan and change plans continuously, think of studies day in and day out...simply fall in love with boredom. It is just that success is a process and your unstoppable passion and commitment to the process makes all the difference.

Zig Ziglar, one of the great motivational speakers, once said, People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.

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